About The Podcast

Startup founders, high-growth businesses, and small businesses face a myriad of legal issues every day.  However, as a startup founder or small business owner you may not even know what kinds of legal issues you’ll face tomorrow as you build and grow your business.

Our goal is to change all of that.

We hope to bring awareness to legal issues that startups, and small businesses face through stories that are told by founders in the trenches.

You won’t hear much in the way of legal advice, but each episode will feature a legal issue that a founder faced, the impact that the issue had on their company, and how the legal issue was resolved (if at all).

After listening to some of these conversations, we hope you you’ll quickly figure out what to expect when a legal issue comes up, and/or when to pick up the phone and call your attorney.

Your Host

Samar is a patent attorney who represents high-tech and high-growth companies, and helps them protect their innovations through strategic, value driven IP assets.  He is passionate about entrepreneurship and is committed to helping startups and small businesses grow their businesses. As someone who regularly interacts with startups founders and company executives, he is blown away by all the tough, complicated, and out-of-nowhere legal issues that his clients face.  He loves to talk about these issues through entertaining and engaging stories as told by other founders.

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This podcast has been hosted by Legal Lessons and Samar Shah, and is not intended to, nor does it, create the attorney/client privilege between our host, guest, or contributors, and any listener for any reason. Content from the podcast is not to be interpreted as legal advice. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are only those from which they came.